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How to throw a stress-free bridal shower

Bridal Shower Gift Ideas Gifts for Her Wedding

Do you have the privilege of being the maid of honor at your best friend or sister's wedding? Although this is a big responsibility, the bride-to-be trusted you with the job. One of the main duties of the maid of honor is to help throw a bridal shower, which is an activity that can be drama-free if you follow these helpful tips:

  • Keep the bride's personality in mind: "Unless the bride you're coordinating for loves surprises and is up for anything, run your ideas by her and get her thumb's up before proceeding," suggests Nikki Haritatos, designer and event planner for Serendipity Garden Estate, in an article for The Huffington Post. "A more adventurous bride might love an activity like kayaking or a BBQ on the beach, while a more low-key or traditional bride might just want family and friends to hang out and sip sangria."
  • Narrow down the guest list: Although it's important for the soon-to-be blushing bride to be surrounded by family and friends, it's a big faux pas to invite guests who aren't actually invited to the wedding. This may seem like an obvious rule of thumb, but slip-ups can occur. Just check with the bride first before sending out the invites to minimize any awkward moments at the shower!
  • Purchase a bridal shower gift she'll love: The whole point of a bridal shower is to "shower" the bride-to-be with gifts and well-wishes. If you're looking for thoughtful and meaningful presents, be sure to check out our array of Stainless Steel Gift Sets on the StainlessLUX website. You'll definitely find timeless, classic and original products that fit the bride's personality!

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