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6 tips for creating a wedding registry

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If you recently became engaged, you may be wondering exactly how to create your wedding registry. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you begin the process:

  • Do register: Registering makes gift giving easy for friends and family members, especially those who might not be confident that they know your tastes well. Registries let loved ones know exactly what you want, removing the guess work.
  • Be tactful: Instead of referencing your registry on your save-the-date card, include a link to your wedding website and link to your registry there. 
  • Include all price points: The gift your mom's coworker sends will likely be different than the one your future sister-in-law gets you. Be sensitive to different budgets and register for items ranging from very inexpensive items to pricey splurges. 
  • Online is best: Nowadays, you should only consider registering online. This allows far-flung friends and family members to get you a gift with just a click of the mouse! 
  • Open more than one registry: It is appropriate and even smart to open more than one wedding registry. This gives guests a wider variety of gifts to choose from and allows you more flexibility as the bride and groom.
  • Register early: Don't wait! Sign up for your registry right after you become engaged. Loved ones may want to start sending you congratulatory gifts right away, so make it easy on them by opening your wish list. You can always add to it as you go, but have a few items available as soon as possible.

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