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8 latke ideas for 8 delicious Hanukkah nights

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The latke is a beautifully simple food. The traditional Hanukkah dish, these fried potato pancakes are delicious on their own or dipped in applesauce and sour cream, and make a great addition to the table at this time of year regardless of religious background. However, since there are eight opportunities to fry up latkes during the holiday, some foodies might get bored with making the same plain potato pancakes every night. Here are eight alternative latke recipes that, while they might shock some traditionalists, will add some variety to your celebrations:

  • Cheesy potato latkes: Have you ever melted cheese over french fries? This works on the same principle. Add a grated cheese of your choice to the potato mixture before forming it into patties for a crispy latke with a gooey inside that melts in your mouth.
  • Curry latkes: Inspired by Indian pakoras, this spicier version of the latke goes especially well with sour cream.
  • Latkes benedict: Who says you can't have latkes for breakfast? Use a latke as the base of eggs benedict — they're basically hash browns anyway.
  • Sweet potato latkes: For those who like their root vegetables. Keep these small; they cook slowly.
  • Smoked salmon latkes: Combine two Jewish favorites for a new, somewhat bizarre but still tasty experience.
  • Beet and potato latkes: Mix shredded beets with the shredded potatoes for a colorful, slightly more vegetable-flavored latke.
  • Jalapeno and cilantro latkes: Fried jalapenos are delicious; add them to latkes along with cilantro for a cross-cultural kick.
  • Cinnamon, sweet potato and apple latkes: Latkes for dinner, latkes for dessert: There's really no need for any other food. Serve these dessert fritters with whipped cream.

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