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Couple tips on how to enjoy Champagne

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Depending on whom you listen, you either believe that Champagne is only for special occasions or can be consumed whenever the mood strikes. Wherever you stand on the issue, what can be agreed upon is that Champagne is a beverage that usually commands more attention and formality than others. 

Originally hailing from the northeast region of France, the country has held onto the name Champagne as legally theirs for more than 100 years through the 1891 Treaty of Madrid. Eventually all of Europe joined protecting the name. Legally speaking, even American companies are only able to use the generic term, champagne, if they had been doing so before 2006 according to the United States law code § 5388. 

With such a long and distinguished history, it can be easy to feel intimidated when looking to share Champagne with family and friends at social occasions.

But here are a few tips on to handle your Champagne like an aficionado:

Don't be shy: Marilyn Monroe once had some potato chips with her Champagne, why can't you enjoy yours over popcorn and a football game. There isn't a right or wrong time to enjoy champagne, but it would be smart to avoid certain pairings for the sake of your palette. Anything fried or salty work well with Champagne but, contrary to popular thought, contrast aggressively with wedding cake. The combination of sugar and fizz can overwhelm your taste buds. 

Spend what you want: It's not a secret that some bottles of Champagne can go for hundreds of dollars. But most Champagne providers offer NV (non-vintage) products which are more affordable than vintage bottles. But if you're in the mood to splurge, try to find a vintage from 1996 or 2002, two years when some of the best Champagne was manufactured.

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