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Don’t show up to Thanksgiving empty-handed: 3 great host gifts

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When you spend Thanksgiving at someone's home, you know they've spent all day cooking up a feast and preparing the house for guests, so you'll want to bring something along to show your appreciation of their efforts. When choosing a host gift, it's important to consider your host's particular tastes, but there are a few categories that many good host gifts fall into. Useful in many situations, sometimes even during the meal itself, these versatile host gifts will make your hosts want to invite you back next year:

  • A serving bowl: Oftentimes, hosts who are taking on the Thanksgiving meal for the first time will realize they don't have enough serving vessels for the amount of food they want to put on the table. Come to the rescue with this stylish double-walled stainless steel serving bowl. Its semi-conical pedestal is perfect for elevating dishes that your host is particularly proud of above the rest.
  • A fruit basket: Thanksgiving is a holiday that is very low on what you might call "fresh" foods—sweet sauces, savory meat and nutty gravies prevail. That's why a fruit basket makes such a good Thanksgiving host gift—everyone will want an apple or an orange after dinner to cleanse the palate. Consider this elegant stainless steel fruit basket so that your hosts will be able to reuse it later, as opposed to a traditional fiber basket.
  • A wine glass set: Rather than bringing wine, which someone else is bound to do, why not bring something to serve it in? Anyone will appreciate an addition to their wine glass collection, especially if it comes in the form of these easy-to-clean stainless steel wine glasses.

Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving gift advice, and check out StainlessLUX's shop for more stainless steel accessories for the coming holidays!

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