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Use common household items to clean stainless steel

Cleaning & Care Ideas & Tips Kitchen Stainless Steel

Nothing is lovelier or more durable than stainless steel. Food-safe, aesthetically pleasing and strong, there are many reasons for its enduring popularity in the finest homes. Have you ever wondered how best to care for your stainless steel? You can use a variety of different solutions: 

  • Baking soda: Combine a little baking soda with warm water and you can quickly and inexpensively clean any and all of your stainless steel products. Be sure to use a non-scratching cloth!
  • Dishwasher: Unlike some plastic materials, stainless steel that  has been through a dishwasher is still safe to use because it doesn't contain potentially harmful chemicals that break down in extreme heat. However, be aware that cleaning your stainless steel in the dishwasher may make it become worn or marked. 
  • Detergent: Good Housekeeping recommends mixing your own inexpensive cleaning solution from one teaspoon of dish detergent and one quart of hot tap water. Next, take a microfiber cloth and rub the soapy mix onto your stainless steel item, moving with the metal's grain. Rinse with clean hot water, and then dry with a clean, soft towel. 
  • Vinegar: Yet another option is to dilute a little vinegar in warm water. Clean the stainless steel, rinse and wipe dry. 
  • Windex: Martha Stewart says she likes to use Windex to polish her stainless steel appliances. 

If your favorite stainless steel tumbler acquires iced tea or coffee stains, simply mix granulated sugar with a little water, vinegar or lemon juice and then rub away the stains. 

One final note: Stainless steel is naturally rust-resistant. However, if corrosion does form, it is easily removed using baking soda, lemon juice and cream of tartar

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