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StainlessLUX 77311 Brilliant Stainless Steel Beer Mugs / Craft Beer Steins (4 Mugs / Set)

StainlessLUX 77311 Brilliant Stainless Steel Beer Mugs / Craft Beer Steins (4 Mugs / Set)

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Whether you enjoy lager, IPA, wheat beer or Irish ale, cold beer stays cold longer in this beautiful set of 4 double-walled Stainless Steel Beer Mugs. Body crafted of brilliantly reflective food-safe 18/8 stainless steel and metal alloy handle in excellent workmanship. Each mug features dual wall construction that minimizes condensation and keeps beer temperature longer than stoneware or glass. Now you know why you feel that your beer just tastes so much better when you are drinking in style in these steins. Durable, hygienic and so easy to clean. Food safe materials with no lead and no BPA. Take your drinks by the pool, out for camping or outdoor BBQ and there is no broken glass to worry about. Do not waste your good hops and barley on a weak paper cup. 

The mug's length with handle is 5.625 inches, width is 4.3 inches, and height is 5 inches. Comfortably holding all your beer from a typical beer can or beer bottle, with room for beer head (frothy foam), too.

Cheers, salute, have a good time, enjoy life and drink responsibly. Works great for a root beer float, too! Each beer mug ships in a reusable non-woven draw-string pouch - your assurance of an authentic StainlessLUX product. A popular gift for the groomsmen in a wedding, and a welcome birthday and holiday gift. And, an awesome mug to bring to a renaissance faire, too!

Each set contains 4 mugs, with each mug shipped in a non-woven draw-string pouch to protect the mug from scratches when not in use. 


  • Brilliant Reflective Double-Walled Large Beer Mugs, 4 Mugs in a Set
  • Quality 18/8 Stainless Steel and Fine Craftsmanship
  • L 5.625 in x W 4.3 in x H 5 in / L 14 cm x W 11 cm x H 12.5 cm; Weight 13 oz.; Volume 16 Fl Oz. to the Rim
  • Clean, Durable, Elegant, Practical, Low-Maintenance and Eco-Friendly
  • Comes in a StainlessLUX Exclusive Reusable Non-Woven Pouch for Protection in Shipment and Storage

StainlessLUX ® is a registered trademark of StainlessLUX, Inc.

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