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3 things to do before you host Thanksgiving

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Continuing in the Thanksgiving vein, let's talk about the confusing and intimidating process of preparing to host the big meal. Especially if this is your first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner for a large group, the sheer amount of food and supplies needed combined with the exhausting preparation process can leave your head spinning. To make sure you don't find yourself missing some crucial element on Thanksgiving itself, follow this list of things to take care of before hosting:

  • Make sure you have all the necessary cookware and serving items. Once you have your menu planned out, mentally walk through the preparation of each dish and determine whether you'll have everything you need to prepare them. This goes for serving as well—do you have a salad bowl ready to receive that masterful squash salad you've been planning? How about a serving dish for butter and other condiments?
  • Plan out the table arrangements. If you have a plan in mind for how the table will look, from seating arrangements to decorations, it will be much easier to achieve the mood you're looking for from the celebration. An elegant basket of fruit or flowers makes a great centerpiece to go along with any kind of decor. 
  • Have drinks ready to go. Whether your friends are beer snobs or wine aficionados, make sure you have the beer steins and wine glasses at the ready as soon as they get there—waiting until dinner is served to tap into the drinks can kill the mood early. 

Whatever your Thanksgiving plans have in store for you, stainless steel cooking utensils and kitchen accessories will help you get through the holiday with panache. Contact StainlessLUX for more information on stainless steel products and our holiday promotions.

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