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Five housewarming gifts for $15 or less

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May is National Moving Month, with the Department of Transportation predicting that more than 35 million Americans will relocate this year. That means you probably know someone who is changing residences in the next month, whether a friend, family member, coworker or significant other. Once they complete their big move, why not help them celebrate with some thoughtful housewarming gifts? Here are five beautiful home gifts available for $10 or less:

Fruit Juicer / Squeezer: This handy stainless steel juicer is great to quickly extract juice from lemon, lime, orange and other citrus. Lots of good vitamins in natural juices, so this is an essential tool for healthy living. 

Candle holder: An elegant, stainless steel candle holder would make a perfect housewarming gift when paired with a two- to three-inch pillar candle. A reflective raised rim prevents wax spillage. 

Salad bowl: A universally appealing gift, this bowl can be used for salads, side dishes, nuts or candies. It's even oven safe for cooking small servings of casseroles, lasagna or vegetables. This too is made from food-grade stainless steel. 

Soap stand: This handsome pedestal soap stand will make a distinguished addition to any new bathroom. A raised ridge on the bottom extends the life of soap, and the stainless steel material naturally resists the adherence and growth of bacteria. Give alone or with a bar of high-quality scented soap!

Double-walled Small Cups: These small stainless steel drinking cups are so nice! Elegant two-tone style with top part in brilliant reflective finish and lower portion in contemporary brushed finish. Double-walled construction and with an open-handle design. Enjoy your coffee in the morning, relax with your tea in the afternoon, or just chilling during happy hour. A great choice of a housewarming gift.

To shop for lovely stainless steel gifts that are easy on your budget, visit the StainlessLUX Staff Picks $15 and Under selection today! 

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