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Going Greener EcoExchange

Stainless Steel is a “GREEN” champion

Stainless steel is one of the world’s most recycled materials – more than paper or glass. The composition of current stainless steel products is made of majority of recycled stainless steel, without degradation in quality. Stainless steel is strong, resists corrosion and is durable. A longer useful life means less waste and a smaller eco-footprint. Source: International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF)

Your selection of stainless steel products is a choice that helps the environment and us to go greener. In addition to offering environmentally friendly products, StainlessLUX, Inc. is mindful of its ecological footprint and has purposely selected to package its products with a reusable, recyclable, nonwoven pouch. Most customers keep them and often utilize them to store their goods and other household items. Re-using and re-purposing the pouches mean less waste!

Pouch EcoExchange Program

Having listened to our valuable customers about going greener, we have implemented a Pouch EcoExchange Program. Customers can mail in their StainlessLUX packaging pouches and receive a small gift from StainlessLUX, Inc. in return.

Steps You Take to Participate:
  • Collect 15 or more of your collected StainlessLUX pouches, any size and any condition.
  • Print your name and your mailing address clearly on a piece of paper and place it inside your package. 
  • Send your pouches back along with your name and mailing address to:
StainlessLUX, Inc.
Pouch EcoExchange
3736 Fallon Road #408,
Dublin, CA 94568
Note: The pouches are light and nonbreakable, so you can just mail them in as lower cost first class mail.

We invite you to support and participate in this simple and easy Going Greener program. No purchase required. If you have not received your gift within 14 days of mailing, please inquire of status via

If you send in less than 15 StainlessLUX pouches, you will receive a thank you card in lieu of the small gift. Thank you and let us partner together and make this a better, greener world!

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose & Recycle

If you are interested in knowing what we will do with these collected pouches, read on. For returned pouches that remained of high quality, we will clean them and reuse them to protect our stainless steel products. For those that are of diminished quality, we will use them in creative ways or donate them for charitable use. Here are a few examples of how we will use them:
  • Remove the parts that are torn, clean them and then sew them into smaller pouches
  • Cut and use the nonwoven materials to create handy pen and pencil cases to give to needy children
  • Use patterns to shape the nonwoven material into little crafts and toys
  • Make them into business card holders and carrying cases for eyeglasses, etc.

We hope you like these little green steps that we are taking. We sincerely appreciate your support and would enjoy hearing your ideas, too!