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5 easy kitchen upgrades in the new year

Home Kitchen Remodeling & Upgrade

The new year is the perfect time to get started on home improvement projects you've been putting off, and what better part of the home to improve than your kitchen? If you're a fan of cooking, you probably spend a lot of your time in this room, so here are some tips to help you upgrade it to be the best it can be without expensive remodeling:

  • Replace cabinet knobs: If the knobs on your drawers and cabinets are tarnished or loose, now is a good time to replace them. You would be surprised what a new set of gleaming knobs can do for the overall look of a kitchen. 
  • Add new light fixtures: When you're cooking, you want to be able to see every detail of your ingredients and the dishes you're creating. Brighten up your kitchen by adding light fixtures, or go eco-friendly by replacing your lightbulbs with fluorescents or LEDs.
  • Install a pot and pan rack: Hanging your pots and pans from a rack will free up storage space in your cabinets and make it easier to find the specific pan you want to use without all that clanging as you shuffle through drawers looking for it. 
  • Change out dishcloths: Let's admit it, nobody wants to see your raggedy old dishcloths laying around the kitchen, not even you. Picking out a new, clean, stylish set of dishcloths can do a lot to freshen up the look of your cooking space.
  • Upgrade to stainless steel cookware: Stainless steel is strong, attractive and very easy to clean, making it an ideal material for pots, pans, utensils and other common kitchen items. It can also be used to remove strong odors from your hands after cooking.

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