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Stainless steel is dominant finish for kitchen appliances

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Stainless steel is king in the kitchen and has been for decades, according to the Wall Street Journal. A recent article explored stainless steel's dominance when it comes to kitchen appliances, noting shoppers' unending devotion to the sleek, clean metal. 

"The appliance industry has tried to promote new looks before," the article said. "In recent years, manufacturers have pitched 'oiled bronze,' 'antique copper' and a gray hue called 'meteorite,' as well as aluminum and other look-alikes, but none has been able to unseat stainless steel."

No appliance finish resonates with consumers like stainless steel because none is so reliably attractive, hygienic and versatile. Just last month, an interior decor columnist for The Globe and Mail recommended buying a shiny stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher, cook-top, hood and counter, for the most fashionable kitchen possible. To complete the look, make sure all of your kitchen utensils and tools are also made of stainless steel. Here are some pieces you'll want to consider:

Butter dish: Don't let an ugly plastic supermarket container bring down your stainless steel refrigerator. Instead, store butter in a shiny, classic dish. 

Tumblers: Perfect for sipping everything from water to beer, these tumblers are sturdy yet sophisticated, so you don't have to worry about dropping and breaking them. Enjoy your beverage of choice knowing that you are not ingesting any potentially harmful chemicals sometimes found in plastic, like bisphenol A (BPA). An elegant tulip-shaped body made of the finest stainless steel makes an exceptional design statement. 

Mortar and pestle: This finely-crafted piece will match your stainless steel appliances, making your gleaming kitchen look even more industrial-chic. Be prepared to cook as well as any gourmet chef. 

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