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2 tips for making healthy salads

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Salads are a popular meal choice for the nutritional content they supply. The cornucopia of vitamins and minerals they provide are key to a healthy lifestyle. A single salad can have anywhere from under 400 to well over 1,000 calories in one dish based on its ingredients. 

Here are two tips to consider when making your next salad:

Tasty foundation: Possibly the most important component of a salad is its base of greens. Not only does a good amount of greens load the meal with vital nutrients like lutein and folic acid, but you can use the foundation to add hunger-killing protein, calcium and iron, by switching iceberg lettuce out for baby spinach. Furthermore, you can consume this meal without overloading on too many calories. Mix in some kale to add a heftier nutritional punch.

Vegetable infusion: Keeping your selection of vegetables diverse and balanced is as easy as noting the colors involved and mixing in as many as possible. While raw or lightly steamed vegetables are usually preferred to limit the extra caloric and fat intake from cooking oils, according to the Huffington Post, collard greens are one vegetable that may be healthier for you if cooked first. But carrots, cucumbers, red onions and a host of other options all fit well into a salad with minimal preparation, while adding both taste and nutrition. 

Another pair of popular salad ingredients are avocados, which are rich in belly-flattening monounsaturated fats. Olives are great for both your skin and blood pressure.  

Choosing lean meats will also help you reach your ideal amount of protein but limit your fat consumption.

Along with making healthy salads, having dependable stainless steel cooking utensils around will make your salad preparation a simpler process. StainlessLUX's stainless steel salad bowl and side dish set make for great kitchen accessories to have around the house. Shop our website today!

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