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Why hostess gifts shouldn’t just be a thing of the past

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In our parent's and grandparent's generation it was common courtesy to bring a hostess gift when you were invited as a guest – either homemade pastry or an original trinket – but this custom seems to be slipping away. There is no reason why this thoughtful tradition should be a thing of the past. In a recent article for The Huffington Post, writer Brie Dyas takes time to reiterate the importance of a hostess (or host) gift. Here are a few reasons why we should keep up with the courteous tradition:

  • Hostess gifts show your appreciation: "Depending on the situation, [your hostess is] playing the role of chef, activities coordinator, bartender, server, clean-up crew and maybe innkeeper. It's exhausting," Dyas tells the source. "In exchange for enjoying their hospitality, a tiny token of appreciation is really the least you can do. (And you are, of course, sending them a thank-you note.)"
  • Giving a gift makes you feel more comfortable: It's easy to spend the night at a close friend or family members home, but what if your long-lost relative or husband's college roommate invited you both to stay at his or her beach house? If you don't know someone that well, you may feel uncomfortable accepting the invitation, but bringing a hostess gift with you can make you feel like less of an imposition.

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