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Two healthy and tasty local fruits to consider for your fall snacking

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Along with the colorful leaves, cooler nights and Halloween candy, the autumn season also produces some of the most delectable produce. From September to November, grapes, pears and sweet potatoes spring from the earth in full bounty and supply us with new culinary opportunities to enjoy before winter arrives. 

Additionally, it is true that almost any food can be grown somewhere year-round throughout the planet. But packing and shipping fruit to all corners of the world can be costly both financially and environmentally, due to the impact of shipping vehicles. Local food choices, according to an article from, may not only be more nutritious than food transported from other regions, but they also reduce our carbon footprint and help the local economy.  

Here is a pair of foods to consider for fall snacking:

Cranberries: This bite-sized fruit is wildly popular and most delicious between the months of October and November, although only 5 percent of the cranberry crop is purchased at the produce section. The other 95 percent is used to make cranberry juice. Research has shown that cranberry concentrate is useful in preventing urinary tract infections and slowing the growth of various types of cancer.

Pears: The European version of the pear is more widely known than the Asian pear and is most commonly grown on America's west coast during the fall. However, the Asian pear is also a delightful treat. Both are rich in fiber and help reduce LDL, also known as "bad" cholesterol. So, while pears are healthy, they are also rich enough in flavor to satisfy a sugar craving. 

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