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4 tips for brewing your own beer

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Craft beer is all the rage these days, so why not try your hand and whip up some homemade brew? Here are some tips for beginners:

Cleanliness is key:

According to popular recipe and cooking website Serious Eats, the best brewers agree that proper sanitation is the first step toward making amazing beer. That's because bacteria can prevent your yeast from growing and fermenting the liquid. 

Fresh is best:

The American Homebrewers Association says that, much like cooking, brewing can't be done well without high-quality ingredients. Find and use the freshest and best malt extract you can and you'll make the best beer possible.

Keep a log:

Francie Lengerich, the owner of a home brewing store, tells beer magazine Brew Your Own that she recommends keeping a careful log of all of your recipes so that you can perfect and recreate them. 

"Assign each beer with a code that you can write with a permanent marker on the cap and write the code and a brief description on an index page in the front of the log for easy reference," Lengerich told the magazine. "This makes it quick and easy to differentiate your beers without having to mess with labels. If you have a beer fridge, make a copy of the index page and hang it on the fridge with a magnet."

Use high-quality mugs:

After all of that hard work brewing your masterpiece, don't ruin it by drinking out of a common plastic or glass cup! Instead, treat yourself to our handsome, stainless steel mug set. The double-walled design helps keep your beer cold longer and a brilliant, high-polish finish adds sophisticated panache. 

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