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6 ways to turn a tiny space into a home office with big style

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Many people think that if they don't have an entire extra room, then they can't have a home office. However, even the tiniest spaces — like an extra closet or pantry — can be turned into stylish work places. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Add light: It's crucial that an office space have proper lighting, so if you are converting a closet then be sure to hire an electrician to add wiring. A combination of overhead and lamp light creates ideal conditions for working. 
  • Include desk accessories: Elegant accessories in stainless steel can elevate your desk style. Corral pens and pencils in a brilliant cup and re-purpose a lovely rectangle tray to hold paper clips and other odds and ends. 
  • Paint: Paint your new office in a color that appeals to you. Pale blue or gray can be soothing, while light yellow is energizing and brightens a dim space. 
  • Think small: Even if you don't have so much as a tiny closet to spare, you can still have a home office of your own! Just invest in a roll-top desk or armoire and voila! A pretty piece of furniture is transformed into your own personal work space. 
  • Treat yourself: Nothing makes an office more inviting than a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Keep an elegant stainless steel vase at your desk and treat yourself to some fresh blooms. You might be surprised how this little change can make you want to spend more time working, increasing your overall productivity! 
  • Use doors to your advantage: The best part of putting your office inside a closet — you can hide any works in progress behind closed doors!

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