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8 tips for building an at-home coffee bar

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We've previously discussed on this blog how to put together your own bar cart, which adds panache to any home. However, if you aren't a big drinker or you don't always keep liquor on hand, you don't have to be left out of this hot decorating trend! Here are 8 tips for making an at-home coffee bar:

  • Delivery is key: Half of the fun of setting up a bar area is finding a pretty table or cart on which to put it. The same principle applies when you are putting together a coffee bar. 
  • Fresh flowers: Fresh flowers immediately elevate the style of any space, literally and figuratively. While it adds some extra panache, a tall, oblong vase also brings height to your coffee cart arrangement, making it more visually interesting. 
  • Fruit: A basket of apples or oranges will brighten up your bar, in addition to providing a healthy accompaniment to your coffee! 
  • Milk and sugar: Give your guests milk served from a delightful small creamer and sugar out of a sophisticated serving dish, which comes complete with spoon. 
  • Mugs: Your perfectly brewed coffee will look beautiful served in these two-tone  stainless steel mugs
  • Offer extras: Snacks served from pretty little bowls add a nice touch of polish to your serving area. If you're expecting particularly young guests, offer hot chocolate and keep a dish of marshmallows on hand. 
  • Set the mood: Include little design details to add visual interest to your coffee bar. We love these little tea lights, especially when paired with taller pillar candles in a handsome holder
  • Stir it up: Stainless steel straws are so much more elegant than the throw-away variety. 

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