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5 tips for being the ideal house guest

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Benjamin Franklin is credited with saying, "Fish and visitors smell after three days." If you're heading out-of-town this summer and staying with a family member or friend, follow these simple tips to avoid being a stinky guest:

Clean up after yourself

Remember to make your bed in the morning, do your dishes and offer to help with chores. Don't treat your host like your maid, or you're unlikely to get another invitation! 

Don't invite yourself

Never invite yourself to stay at someone else's home! If a vague invitation has been extended in the past, don't assume it still stands. Instead, let your friend or family member know you are coming to town. If they don't explicitly invite you to stay with them, then it's best to make other accommodations.  

Don't surprise your host

A good rule of thumb: guests should not bring guests. If you are enjoying someone else's hospitality, don't push the envelope by bringing an unannounced friend, partner or pet.

Share travel plans

It's considerate to communicate clearly with your host about your travel plans, letting them know exactly what time you expect to arrive and depart. Make sure that your stay isn't too long and doesn't conflict with other engagements your host might have. Share your travel itinerary and update your friend or family member if you are going to be early or late. 

Take a host or hostess gift

It's always polite to give a small gift as a token of your gratitude. Try our stainless steel beer mugs, a classic cheese plate or a timeless tray

Follow these simple tips and you're sure to be one of your host's favorite house guests! You can find even more host or hostess gift ideas on the StainlessLUX website. 

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