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4 warming winter soups to try out

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When you come back home after a long winter day, nothing feels quite like heating up a nice big bowl of soup, slurping it down and letting it warm you from the inside. If your soup repertoire needs a refreshment, check out these ideas for hearty, filling winter soups:

  • Loaded potato soup: Following the inspiration of the baked potato, only creamier and better to fill a bowl with. Start out with an easy base of creamy potato soup, then add toppings like cheese, sour cream, green onions, bacon bits and hot sauce to really get the most out of this dense, flavor-packed dish.
  • Beef Daube Provençal: This French beef and wine stew is a good one to try out if you work long hours and have access to a slow cooker. After browning the beef and beginning to cook the vegetables (usually carrots and onions) in red wine, simply move everything over to the slow cooker to have the stew ready and waiting by the time you get home from work. Serve with egg noodles.
  • Bacon beer cheese soup: This Midwestern classic is easy to make, and bacon adds an extra punch of flavor to the beery, cheesy mix. Add paprika for an extra-spicy version, and serve with plenty of bread to sop it up.
  • Chicken stew with dumplings: Drop small clumps of batter into the bubbling broth as this chicken stew cooks to add a Southern flair (and an extra filling carb component). 

Whichever kind of soup you decide to make, your cooking deserves an elegant serving presentation. How better to achieve this than with the stainless steel double-walled serving bowl from StainlessLUX? Contact us for more information on how stainless steel utensils can be used in the kitchen and as unique housewarming gifts.

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