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Whole spices can revolutionize your approach to cooking

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Spice grinders make for great kitchen accessories, especially if you love food, because they allow you to buy fresh, organic spices whole and grind them at your own pace. Also, whole spices retain more of their flavor than the traditional bottled spices offered at grocery stores. To further enhance that experience of taste, toast spices whole first which helps release a stronger explosion of scent and flavor when you begin the grinding or seasoning process.  

Another plus to having whole spices is that the extra flavor comes through a limited amount of work as it's rare when too much elbow grease is required. Though it isn't suggested that you buy whole spice in bulk, whole spices are more durable than the bottled or pre-packaged selections, making them more appealing economically. Additionally, you know what you are actually purchasing when you opt for the whole spice, absent ingredients like rice or flour that are traditionally mixed in along with other add-ins that FDA regulations don't mandate be listed on the side of the bottles. 

Furthermore, grinding your own whole spice not only offers the kind of satisfaction that parallels kneading your own bread, but fresh products will add extra punch to a bevy of dishes you make, from entire meals to simple dips or guacamole recipes. Furthermore, grinding your own herbs and spices is a natural way of perfuming your kitchen. 

Some people like to utilize a coffee grinder for their spices but one of the most obvious setbacks of that approach is how much more difficult coffee grinders are to clean. Also, you can't use them for both spices and coffee or you risk ruining the flavors. 

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