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There’s a stainless steel gift for everyone this season

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We know the feeling: You've been busy all month and now you're looking for last-minute holiday gifts, or maybe you're just feeling like treating all the special people in your life to a nice surprise. While flipping back and forth between online shopping tabs, you wish there was just one place you could go to for every present you need. Well, you're in luck: StainlessLUX carries a variety of stainless steel accessories so diverse that they can make great presents for many different types of people. Here's our stainless steel shopping guide:

  • For the beer enthusiast: You know, that one person who always brings a microbrew to parties and gets really excited about how it was limited edition and contains about ten different kinds of hops. What could be better for a beer fan than a big, shiny double-walled stainless steel tankard? You can even have it monogrammed with their initials for a personal touch.
  • For the one with the green thumb: If your friend is the type of gardener who'd sing to their flowers if they thought it would make them happier, help them step up their gardening game with this brushed stainless steel watering can. The plants will thank you.
  • For the entertainer: You've already gone to one of their holiday parties, and they're hosting another one this weekend. For the friend that always takes you into their home and makes sure you have a good time, help them protect their furniture with these stainless steel coasters
  • For the health nut: If one of your friends has been longing to try out home juicing, give them a head start with this easy-to-clean stainless steel juicer/fruit squeezer. They'll feel closer to their juices than if they had just thrown all the fruit in the blender.

For more information on stainless steel, contact StainlessLUX today!

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