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6 tips for setting a fall table

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In many parts of the country, a hint of fall crispness is already in the air. If you are excited about the changing seasons, now is a great time to start packing away your summer decor and preparing your home for autumn. One of the most elegant ways to observe the arrival of fall is to throw a themed dinner party. Here are some tips for setting an autumnal table:

  • Centerpieces: Arrange a selection of small pumpkins and other brightly colored squash in our lovely stainless steel wire basket for a seasonally appropriate centerpiece. You can also place branches of fall foliage, feathers and dried wheat in your favorite stainless steel flower vase for a stylish statement. 
  • Drinks: Serve steaming apple cider or hot chocolate from StainlessLUX's elegant brushed cups. Their double-walled construction and fine craftsmanship help keep your beverages hotter for longer. 
  • Fall herbs: Use fall herbs like rosemary and onion to dress up an autumnal feast of roasted pork, apples and parsnips. 
  • Last course: Don't forget dessert! We love to serve salty caramel ice cream from these adorable ice cream bowls for a sweet fall treat. If you're feeling ambitious, you could also make an apple cinnamon crumble and dish it up in these lovely dishes
  • Scented candles: Everyone loves the smells of fall. Sit a scented 2- to 3-inch pillar candle on this timeless, elegant holder
  • Thanks for coming: Country Living magazine suggests giving your guests a parting gift — caramel apples to munch on later. You could also send them home with a little bag of roasted cinnamon-sugar nuts. 

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