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StainlessLUX, Inc - America's Quality Stainless Steel Houseware Specialist offers a wide selection of top quality stainless steel Bath Accessories, Tablewares, Barwares, Drinkwares, Servewares, Kitchenwares, Illumines, Decoratives, Watering Cans and Planters for your home and office.

Each StainlessLUX® brand piece is thoughtfully created, using great quality, heavy gauge, strong and food-safe stainless steel, and beautifully crafted with excellent workmanship. Not only you will appreciate its practical function, low-maintenance and durability, you will also enjoy its elegant finish and lasting beauty. Stainless Steel housewares truly offers affordable modern luxury with a great life-time value.

Established in 2004, StainlessLUX products have reached all 50 States in the US and sold internationally to Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. While StainlessLUX, Inc strives to grow by offering additional varieties of quality products and expanding professional services to our customers, we continue to listen humbly and serve you in a personal and intimate manner.  We sincerely appreciate all the great ratings and positive comments received from our customers. 

While we strive to provide accurate product information, descriptions, images, pricing, and timely shipment, there may still be a chance that errors occur and things fall short of our intent and not meeting your expectations.  In such case, we sincerely request that you would give us a second chance by letting us know of the issue directly, so that we can take corrective actions and right your shopping experience. We treasure you and do what is right to please you.

Feel free to contact us directly via if we may offer any further assistance with your purchase. Hope you are enjoying your shopping experience here and trust that you will be pleased with the quality of our products and our services.  We look forward to serving you and wishing you a pleasant shopping day!