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6 budget-friendly meals to feed your entire family

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Feeding an entire family can be expensive, but fortunately there are some budget-friendly options that are also healthy and delicious! Here are some tasty meals to make if you're keeping a close eye on your wallet:

Chili: Chili is always a great option when you're watching your budget. For a lower-fat version, try ground turkey instead of beef. Serve it in brilliant stainless steel bowls

Easy chicken and dumplings: Grab a rotisserie roast chicken and a can of ready-to-bake biscuits from the grocery store on your way home from work, and you're ready to make Southern Living's inexpensive take on an American classic.  

Egg sandwiches: Talk about a super food — eggs are nutritious, delicious and cheap! Try this version from Food Network, which incorporates Canadian bacon, spinach, plum tomatoes and cheese. 

Green bean and pasta salad: Budget-friendly red or kidney beans provide the protein in this delicious pasta salad from Real Simple. Our elegant tongs are perfect for serving it up in style!  

Grilled cheese: A grown-up twist on the classic grilled cheese is sure to please family members of all ages! We love this recipe from Cooking Light, featuring sharp white cheddar, red onion, garlic, spinach and tomato. If you have picky eaters in your bunch, just leave out the vegetables for a more traditional sandwich. 

Tuna salad: Canned tuna may be cheap, but it doesn't have to taste that way! Better Homes & Gardens suggests mixing it with white beans, peppery arugula, lemon, red onion and herbs for a light and delicious summery supper. 

No matter what you eat for dinner, be sure you always have salt, pepper and condiments on the table. We suggest our timeless, stainless steel shaker set as the ideal complement to any meal. Browse the StainlessLUX website today!

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