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5 tips for throwing the perfect summer barbecue

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Make the most out of the warm weather and throw a barbecue for your friends, family and neighbors. Here are our top tips for hosting the perfect grilling extravaganza:

  • Build your own centerpiece: Follow Martha Stewart's lead and arrange raw vegetables in an edible crudite centerpiece that looks good and tastes great! We suggest using the StainlessLUX bowl / basket
  • Choose a buffet set-up: Party planner David Stark tells Real Simple that it's best to set up two large tables when hosting a barbecue. On one, set up a food and drink buffet, while the other can be used for dining. "Place the buffet where you want the action to be," he advises the magazine. "Put only the hot food on the buffet. All your toppings—ketchup, mustard, cheese—go on the dining table," he says. 
  • Don't forget to provide drinks: If you're serving beer, offer it to guests in our stainless steel steins. Their double-walled construction help keep brew cold longer. This pitcher and cups are perfect for margaritas and iced tea. If it's hot outside, it's important that your guests stay hydrated so you should also be sure to provide big cups of icy cold water. 
  • Provide extras: Country Living suggests providing your guests with bug spray and sunscreen in case they forgot their own. 
  • Serve dessert: The best part of a barbecue is that it is easy and low-stress, so don't over-think dessert. Simply put some cookies out on a pretty tray, or serve milkshakes with fun stainless steel straws that the guests can take home! 

Shop the StainlessLUX website to see even more great items that can help you throw the best barbecue of the summer! 

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