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Tips for arranging a fruit basket

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Fruit baskets and bowls are beautifully versatile: they are some of the only things that can serve as an item of decor and also as a tasty snack for your guests when they get hungry. Having an artfully arranged fruit basket on your table is a welcoming, hospitable touch, and can also add a touch of color and freshness to the home as the days grow shorter. Here are some tips to help you create your own edible centerpieces:

  • Choose the right basket. You'll want something that goes with your other decor and doesn't overpower the fruit in appearance. This brushed stainless steel fruit bowl/basket from StainlessLUX is elegantly simple and also has the advantage of being easy to clean if any fruit goes bad in the basket.
  • Choose the right fruit. This is really up to you—what are your favorite fruits? Those of your guests? It can be helpful to include mostly fruits that last a long time without spoiling, but if you know the fruit will be eaten right away, you can add more delicate ones, like berries.
  • Arrange artfully. Start with the largest fruits and arrange them on the bottom, then work up to the smaller ones. Let your creativity run wild—think of it as making a sculpture with fruit. Hide any blemishes the fruits may have in the inside of the pile, and turn their best faces towards the outside.
  • Refresh as needed. This almost goes without saying, but if you're going to keep the arrangement out regularly in your home, make sure to immediately switch out any spoiled fruit with fresh fruit. You can also change out the types of fruit according to what's in season. 

For more information about this basket and other stainless steel accessories, contact a StainlessLUX representative at 

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