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Geographic facts about wine

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Wine is virtually a culture of its own. As much a science as it is an art, culture, agriculture, geology, genetics and history all play a role in the creative process of making wine. Furthermore, for as intricate as the development of a good wine has always been, time has only added to its complexity. For centuries wines were known by the region where they were made, but with wine now being a global product, geography is no longer as secure of a way of identifying it as it once was.

Here are a few geographical facts about wine:

Changes in taste: Occasionally, you may develop a taste for a specific wine and later notice that the taste has changed. Climate changes have occurred in regions where several wines originate. This alteration has resulted in what is called vintage variation. Different flavors arise from the same recipe as the ingredients and their genetic makeup changes under shifts in warm weather and sunlight exposure. This is more likely to occur in colder climates than warm ones.

Popular wine regions: Italy, France and Spain are the top three wine producing nations in the world, recognized for both superior quantity and quality as well as producing some of the most popular varieties. In the United States, California’s Livermore and Napa valleys offer a taste of the state’s rich wine-making history, with over 500 wineries located in the Napa Valley region alone.

Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the world’s most popular wines. Though it hails from Bordeaux, France in the 17th century, the vintage is now found in every major wine-producing country in the world, including Chile, Australia, Canada and the United States.

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