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3 reasons for making your own beer

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With beer and wine being two of the world's most popular beverages, there isn't a great need to explain why they are both also popular for making at home and sharing amongst friends. Nevertheless, for some, the appeal doesn't come as easily, even when the White House brews it's own beer as well. 

For those who are curious, here are a few motivations for brewing your own beer at home:

Drink to your health: The healthy properties of a beer often depend on the recipe, but according to an article by Beersmith, a 12 ounce of beer can have fewer calories than a 12 ounce glass of juice, milk or soda in many cases. Also, darker beers provide many of the same benefits that can be found in darker wines, specifically in regard to high flavinoid content which helps heart health. Taking control of your beer consumption by creating your own recipe lets you dictate how healthy you want your brew to be.

Manageable hangovers: Beers that are brewed at home typically contain larger quantities of yeast with Vitamin B than the offerings you find at liquor stores. Vitamin B has properties that mitigate the effects of hangovers and is absent from your store-bought items because major producers strip it away through their filtering and pasteurization processes.

Social Benefits: There is a strong and growing community within the world of home brewing. Not only are you able to share your finished product with friends and family, but you can also develop an entirely new network of friends with whom you can swap notes about the brewing process. 

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