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Home entertaining trend: Eating farm-to-table

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The farm-to-table trend is booming among home cooks and entertainers, according to Los Angeles news outlet KTLA. As Americans have become more conscious of the impact that our shopping choices have on the world around us, many have begun to buy locally grown, fresh and organic food. This is better for the environment, it supports farmers and small business owners in our own community and it can also make for a much healthier diet. Here are some tips for hosting your own farm-to-table dinner:

  • Cut processed foods: A true farm-to-table meal won't involve any processed foods, since they tend to be produced by big, global food manufacturers rather than local suppliers. Try to avoid anything that comes in a box or sealed bag and instead focus on making your own delicious concoctions. It's great when you know exactly what's in your food! 
  • Don't forget fresh flowers: Arrange some locally-sourced fresh flowers in a handsome vase to bring even more natural beauty to your table.  
  • Include lots of fruits and veggies: No farm-to-table feast is complete without a wide array of glowing, fresh fruits and vegetables. Arrange some apples in a delicate fruit bowl for guests to snack on. 
  • Shop the farmers market: Most communities now have at least one farmers market where you can connect with local farmers and buy produce, eggs, cheese, chicken and meat directly from the source. 
  • Use stainless steel: Don't risk contaminating your wholesome feast with Bisphenol A (BPA) or other harmful byproducts of plastic. Instead, use only food-safe, bacteria-resistant stainless steel, which is an elegant, sophisticated and shatter-proof alternative to glass. The glow of stainless steel is particularly beautiful when paired with the bright colors of fresh produce. 

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