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6 components of a great summer salad

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When the weather warms up, it's time to ditch those hot soups and heavy casseroles and whip up a delicious and light summer salad! Here are some components of an exceptional salad:

  • Color: Making sure your salad has lots of color will make it nutritionally diverse and attractive! Food and recipe site Serious Eats recommends avocado and mango for pops of color. You can also add red, orange or yellow bell peppers, carrots, radishes or any other favorite veggies! 
  • Crunch: Some crunch will add extra dimension and interest, keeping your salad from being bland and boring! Many fresh fruits and vegetables, like apples and celery, work, or you can get your crunch from a sprinkling of nuts like sunflower seeds, pepitas, almonds or walnuts. If you're making a salad with Asian flavors, try water chestnuts and/or crumbled roasted seaweed. 
  • Dressing: If you're watching your caloric intake, it's best to serve the dressing on the side and be careful not to use too much. Light vinaigrettes are great for summer, as are creamy, richer options like Ranch dressing. In a pinch, you can always mix together olive oil and a little lemon juice!
  • Fruit: The sweetness of fresh or dried fruit can really step up your salad game! Any variety works wonderfully, such as peaches, apples, apricots, blueberries or strawberries.
  • Greens: Fresh greens are the foundation of any delicious salad. Arugula has a nice peppery flavor, while spinach, iceberg and romaine are more neutral. 
  • Protein: Don't forget to add protein to keep you full! You can always throw in leftover chicken, fish or sausage from last night's dinner as a creative way to use up leftovers. Tofu, tempeh or nuts are good for vegetarians. 

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