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How to make a toast

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Whether you are hosting a casual dinner party or celebrating the wedding of your son or daughter, being able to make an appropriate toast is a crucial life skill. While it can be difficult to know just where to start, following some simple tips and tricks will enable you to graciously raise your glass at your next important event.

  • Brevity is the soul of wit: The Wall Street Journal says that no toast should exceed three minutes. 
  • Consider your audience: It's crucial to consider your audience when making a toast. A joke that your former college roommate would find hilarious might fail to amuse his grandmother. "I suppose if you collected the most embarrassing public speeches from America every year, about half of them would be the best man's toast at the rehearsal dinner," writer Trillin tells Cooking Light. "He's trying to sort of tease the groom but actually just manages to mortify the bride or somebody's mother or his own wife."
  • It's not about you: Don't take advantage of your moment in the spotlight by talking too much about yourself. Your toast should focus on the friend or family member who you are celebrating.
  • Practice makes perfect: Practice, practice, practice! Ask a loved one to observe your rehearsal and offer constructive criticism. 
  • Set the stage: Screenwriter Steve Faber tells Real Simple magazine to set the stage by briefly explaining your relationship with the guest of honor. Then share how the event at hand will change things moving forward. 

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