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Assemble the perfect cheese plate

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Summer is the perfect season for low-fuss, no-cook food preparation. We love to assemble an elegant cheese plate, which is the perfect party hors d'oeuvres or even simple supper. (We also offer a scaled-down version for your smaller cheese assortments.) Here are our top tips for putting together the perfect arrangement of fromage: 

  • Choose a flavorful cheese: Food Network recommends choosing at least one cheese that packs a big punch in terms of flavor. If you're wary of very strong cheeses, try Manchego, a tasty yet relatively mild option. Spread it with a little honey or served with dried figs and Marcona almonds. 
  • Fresh is best: According to The Washington Post, cow's milk cheeses like mozzarella and burrata are at their best in the late summer because cows have spent the past months snacking on nutrient-packed, lush and tasty grasses. This adds flavor and richness to the cheese. Cheese made from the milk of goats and sheep — such as chevré, ricotta and feta — can't be gotten fresh in the winter, so enjoy it now. That's because sheep and goats don't produce milk during the colder months when they're preparing to give birth. 
  • Include extras: Don't forget to choose a nice rosé or white wine to enjoy with your cheese, chilled in our brushed stainless steel wine bucket. Set out bowls of grapes, peaches or apples and small dishes of nuts. We also like to fill an elegant condiment bowl with fig compote or another fruit preserve to complement the cheese. 

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