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How to set the table for an Asian feast

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Whether you love to cook Asian cuisine or prefer to order take-out, elevate your favorite Chinese, Japanese or Thai meal to the next level with elegant Eastern-inspired table settings. Here are some tips for party-ready Asian dining: 

  • Asian color palette: HGTV recommends using a focused color palette to reinforce your chosen theme. Red and gold shades evoke a vibrant, celebratory mood, while muted blues and greens can elicit a more serene aesthetic. 
  • Centerpieces: For a simple and inexpensive centerpiece, artfully group stones together in the middle of your table. Alternatively, take Better Homes & Garden's advice and create a minimal flower and plant arrangement on pieces of stacked slate. 
  • Chopsticks: Order these high-quality, stainless steel chopsticks for your next Asian-themed dinner party. A brushed top and brilliantly shiny bottom makes a style statement. 
  • Condiments: Make sure you have plenty of soy sauce, chili sauce and other condiments set out on the table for you and/or your guests. We recommend our fine condiment serving bowl and spoon for a sophisticated presentation. 
  • Round cups and square plates: According to Martha Stewart, circle and squares carry profound cultural significance in Chinese culture. Circles are symbolic of heaven while squares are symbolic of earth. Try pairing our small, stainless steel tumbler set with complementary square plates. 
  • Sushi: If you're serving sushi, choose a tray that enhances the beauty of your rolls. Check out this lovely stainless steel tray, which is food safe and easy to clean. 

Are you planning a dinner party or are you simply interested in upgrading your current kitchen supplies? Browse the StainlessLUX website to see a variety of high-end, luxurious stainless steel cups, dishes and tools to elevate your dining and cooking experience. Stainless steel is safe, healthy, beautiful and durable — the perfect choice for your home and your family.

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