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Host with the most: 5 ingredients of a gourmet pizza party

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How do you throw a pizza party for grown-ups? Make it gourmet! Fun and unique, this is one dinner soiree that your guests will be talking about for weeks. Here are our ingredients for making you the host with the most: 

  • Antipasto: Lifestyle magazine Southern Living recommends starting your meal with a prettily prepared antipasto platter. Your cured meats, bruschetta, veggies and gourmet cheese will look particularly distinguished arranged on a brushed stainless steel serving plates
  • Cheese: Be sure to buy mozzarella — the classic pizza cheese. Asiago, Parmesan and/or Romano are also delicious. Ricotta, goat, blue, Brie and Manchego cheese work well as accents to complement the base cheese. 
  • Dough: Buy raw pizza dough from a gourmet grocery store or see if your favorite pizzeria will sell you some to-go. Or, if you'd prepare to make your own, check out this crust recipe from The New York Times or this one from Southern Living
  • Refreshments: Be sure to have plenty of drinks on hand to quench your guests' thirst. Iced tea and margaritas look and taste great served from our two-tone pitcher and matching double-walled cups, with stainless steel ice cubes to keep them cool. For beer drinkers, we recommend the StainlessLUX beer mug set and/or our classic tumblers
  • Toppings: The sky is the limit when it comes to pizza toppings! Fruit, veggies, olives, herbs, nuts, sausage, bacon, prosciutto, pesto and jam are all delicious on the right pie. Get creative! Popular cooking site The Kitchn suggests chopping and dividing all toppings ahead of time for easy assembly. For an interactive twist, allow your guests to bring some of their own toppings and dress individual pizzas.

Browse the StainlessLUX website to get even more inspiration for your next dinner party! 

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