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5 tasty lunch recipes that don’t require cooking

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Some healthy meals to get your day started on the right foot and keep you full until lunch. For a summer mid-day meal, we love light, healthy fare that takes minimum of preparation and doesn't require heating up the kitchen. After all, who wants to stand over a hot stove when the mercury is climbing! Try these delicious ideas for tomorrow's lunch: 

  • Beans: Pre-cooked beans are fast and filling when you mix them with fresh vegetables and seasonings for a quick meal. Try this recipe from Martha Stewart, which uses a little Parmesan, basil and lemons to add flavor. 
  • Chilled soup: Make a big batch of soup on Sunday and then eat it chilled throughout the week. It's refreshing and tasty!
  • Hummus tray: Fresh veggies, olives, pita and hummus make a healthy and speedy lunch. 
  • Salad: You can make a delicious salad from items that are already in your refrigerator and pantry. Just throw together some leafy greens, chopped vegetables, dried or fresh fruit and nuts. For extra protein, add some chicken, steak or fish from last night's dinner. Out of dressing? No problem! Just mix together two parts olive oil with one part lemon juice for a quick vinaigrette. Chef Jamie Oliver says that a splash of honey can make your homemade dressing even more delicious! 
  • Spring rolls: Shrimp spring rolls are light, filling, low-calorie and full of flavor! Try this recipe from the Food Network's Alton Brown, and be sure to use your elegant, eco-friendly chopsticks from StainlessLUX! 

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