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How to enjoy your cheese

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Cheese has been adding culinary joy to societies for thousands of years. One of the most obvious signs of how popular cheese is can be found in the large assortment of options. There are countless cheeses for different occasions, created exclusively in various locations and meant to be served specifically in certain types of ways. With all of the love, science and energy that goes into cheese, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to figure out what to do with it besides eating and riding the wave of euphoria that follows. 

But here are a few tips to remember:

Cheese and wine tasting: If you ever plan to host your own cheese and wine tasting event, a popular approach is separating the cheeses on to different plates according to both style and region of origin. Accompanying a preferred wine with each cheese is a typical approach too. Another idea is to allow your participants to enjoy to full effect of the cheese by assorting them according to taste, perhaps from most mild flavored to the strongest. 

Preparation of cheeses: A rule of thumb for readying cheese for an event is to remove them from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before guests are expected to arrive, allowing the cheese to arrive at room temperature before anyone starts eating. For large wedges and whole wheels, cut off what you expect to be used — usually approximating about 100 grams of cheese total at most per person works well — and return the rest to the refrigerator. Also, remember to keep the items covered in a plastic wrap until it's time to serve. 

Another useful tip when planning to serve cheese to guests or family during a dinner is to remember how much presentation counts. A cheese bowl can make for one of the most beautiful stainless steel accessories for the home. StainlessLux has a wonderful cheese bowl/condiment serving bowl at our website.

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