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6 unconventional condiments you have to try

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Food industry experts agree: the days when ketchup, mustard and mayo were the only sauces you were expected to provide are long gone. According to Food Product Design magazine, incorporating more complex "gourmet" sauces into home cooking is becoming more popular, and therefore, "chefs and product developers are showing [condiments] as much respect as they do anything else they put on the plate." For a more compelling condiment experience this holiday season, consider serving up some of these less-common sauces:

  • Chimichurri: A tangy, zesty, sweet-and-sour sauce from Argentina made with chopped parsley, vinegar and red pepper flakes, this sauce is perfect for grilled beef or chicken, or as a dip for fresh bread.
  • Malt vinegar: This British favorite is just now beginning to catch on across the US, adding a bit of tanginess and opening the flavor of fried foods like fish and chips.
  • Chipotle mayo: Whether you want to add a Southwestern kick to a wrap or sandwich or you're just looking for something delicious to dip french fries in, chipotle mayo will come to the rescue with its smoky, subtle spice and short preparation time.
  • Tahini with lemon juice: Hummus's slightly denser, nuttier cousin, perfect for serving as an appetizer with bread or crackers. The lemon juice adds a delicateness to the flavor.
  • Harissa: A North African chili paste with roasted red peppers, garlic, coriander and caraway, this "national condiment of Tunisia" adds flavor to soups and couscous and can be used as a spread or in sandwiches.
  • Kecap manis: Made in Indonesia, this is soy sauce sweetened and thickened to a molasses-like consistency with palm sugar, used in cooking.

Whichever unique condiments you decide to try out, serve them in this stainless steel condiment serving bowl for a sleek, elegant presentation. For more stainless steel accessories, check out StainlessLUX's product listings.

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